Our History

On January 15, 1955 a meeting was held in the Emanuel Reformed Church in Morrison, Illinois to begin a study for a proposed “Home for the Aged”. The Reformed Church Classis of Illinois had adapted this committee. Those selected were from Morrison and Fulton Reformed Churches.
At the April 22, 1955 meeting, a motion was made to include all Reformed and Christian Reformed Churches in Whiteside County in this new project.
After monthly meetings and much study and discussion, a motion was made at the September 13, 1955 meeting to vote on whether or not to proceed in establishing a “Home for the Aged”. This motion was unanimously approved and another motion was made to elect ten men, one from each of the following churches, to take steps to form a corporation for this “Home”.

First Reformed Church – Fulton, Illinois

Second Reformed Church – Fulton, Illinois

Trinity Reformed Church – Morrison, Illinois

First Christian Reformed Church – Fulton, Illinois

Spring Valley Reformed Church – Morrison, Illinois

Ebenezer Reformed Church - Morrison, Illinois

Christian Reformed Church - Morrison, Illinois

Bethel Reformed Church - Sterling, Illinois

Newton Zion Reformed Church - Erie, Illinois